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Mini Universe Solar System Bracelet (with Pluto)

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Are you a fan of our Solar System? Intrigued by how wonderful and special our universe is? Then you would love to have this one-of-a-kind unique bracelet!

Slide on our Mini Universe Solar System Bracelet and you will be the Sun, putting yourself in the centre of our whole universe with the whole Solar System around your wrist! Each major stone represents a different planet in our Solar System, which makes this bracelet amazing, who knew that we could have different planets on our wrists!

The stones representing the planets are as follow :

★ Pluto - Grey Agate

★ Neptune - Lampwork

★ Uranus - Amazon Stone

★ Saturn - Kuco Nut

★ Jupiter - Tiger Eye

 Mars Fire Stone

★ Earth - Lapis Lazuli

 Moon - White Agate

★ Venus - Golden Shell

MercurySea Shell


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